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Water Feather

Water Feather Concealment System

Water Feather Concealment System

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Introducing the Water Feather Concealment System – your ultimate solution for mastering the art of concealment. Designed, crafted & assembled in the USA for the avid outdoorsman who wants to make the most of their next pursuit. The Water Feather Concealment System is designed to seamlessly blend your small sneak boat into its natural surroundings, providing unmatched concealment and maximizing your chances of a successful hunt.

Key Features:

  1. Official MOSSY OAK Habitat Patten: The Water Feather Concealment System utilizes state-of-the-art adaptive camouflage technology by Mossy Oak, allowing it to dynamically adjust its appearance based on the surrounding environment and allow you to disappear in all of the fly-ways. Whether you're nestled in reeds, drifting along the shore, hidden in the cattails, or in the backwaters surrounded by timber this kit ensures that your boat remains virtually invisible to wary wildlife that dare tempt your precise aim.
  2. Ultra-Low Profile Design: We understand the importance of staying undetected, and that's why our concealment system features an ultra-low profile design. The lightweight, yet durable materials ensure that your Water Feather maintains its agility while hugging the water's surface, making it practically invisible to your prey.
  3. Weather-Proof Durability: Built to withstand the harshest elements, the Water Feather Concealment System is constructed with weather-proof materials. Rain, snow, or shine – your camouflage will remain intact, providing long-lasting concealment for season after season.
  4. Easy Installation and Removal: We know your time on the water is valuable. That's why our system is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. The attachment system allows for easy application and removal, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing hunting locations. 
  5. Oversided Doors and Robust Buckles: Doors that are designed to open and close with ease to ensure no disruption when make a move on perspective prey. The robust military grade buckles allow for doors to be fastened shut to help hold gear in on transit and be removable if one decides to keep majority of blind intact for a quick scouting trip.
  6. Durable Tactical Webbing: Enhance your concealment game further with our durable webbing that is double stitched to allow grassing or brushing it in for furthering its "David Copperfield Effect". Minimize noise and eliminate reflections, the concealment system is customizable to your specific needs, giving you the tactical advantage you need for a successful hunt.
  7. Pockets & Storage: Organized chaos can be tested when working in small spaces, thus furthering our initiatives to provide extra storage for shells and loose items you want to keep safe and secure. 

Our system can be built up or stripped down depending on the demand of the hunt.

Disappear in places you've always wanted to gain access to, ensuring on an adventure to remember every time you sneak away – invest in the Water Feather Concealment System and take your Water Feather to new heights of stealth and concealment. 


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The Water Feather was expertly engineered to be the strongest, most stable layout for both man and man's best friend. It's strong enough to support a total 320 lbs.

Boat Dimensions: 9' L x 3'9" W x 1'1" D
Cockpit Dimensions: 6'9" L x 2'3" W
Boat Draft: 2" (Empty); 3" (Loaded)


No detail was spared when crafting The Water Feather. Key features include a dog platform that allows man's best friend to go wherever man goes. The transom on the stern is rated for up to a 2HP motor. A built-in retainer helps to safely secure paddles and shotguns.


The Water Feather is capable of navigating any environment from the marshes to the hard-bottoms, back-waters to the open water.


Water Feather has a 30-day return policy from time of delivery to return request.

To be eligible for a return, the product must be unworn and unused with original tags and packaging. Water Feather does not accept any product that is damaged through negligence or misuse. These items are deemed Non-Returnable.

In order to initiate a return, you must first email to request the return. Products sent back to our office without prior email contact will not result in a return.

If you believe there is damage to your order upon receiving, please email so we can remedy the situation and make it right.